Fortnite Chapter 2: extends the season 1

Fortnite Chapter 2 created the Battle Pass Season 1 on October 15. Just before performing a marketing maneuver to remove all publications from their social networks; they also blocked access to video games. This was the preamble to a recovery that began in a first season that will last longer than expected. It will not […]

Download Fortnite For PC/MAC/XBOX/PS4

Fortnite is one of the video games of the moment and that many enjoy not only on the computer but also in devices of different operating systems such as Android and iOS, the game adds users of everything the world as time passes. Fortnite is played online and downloaded for free on android and pc. […]

Create account Fortnite

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game you can enjoy from virtually any platform. Therefore, you can download it and play it from a computer with Windows ten, macOS, iOS, Android, PS four, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Let’s go, practically on each and every one of the current devices. The game offers central servers to […]

Fortnite season 9

Fortnite season 9 game received the ninth update with many modifications. We’ll tell you about them here. An erupting volcano put an end to season 8 of the Fortnite: Battle game for game consoles. But this event as infrequent as destructor brought many changes. Multiple of them were shown on the map, among the novelties […]

Download Fortnite for all platforms

Download Fortnite for all platforms. Epic Games Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite‘s perfect competitive multiplayer mode, has become the biggest game phenomenon of the year. So much so, that this free-to-play or F2P mode has completely eclipsed the original advanced access game more focused on cooperative tower defense, attracting millions and millions of players around the […]

Fortnite season 10 challenges

We tell you how to fill each and every Fortnite Season 10 challenges. Something you need to know if you want to earn stars to unlock cosmetic items (skins, backpacks, etc.) from the paid battle pass. Like gaining experience and leveling up at the time. Numerous new features have been included in the 10th epoch […]

Fortnite PS4

If you want to know which are the best controls to play Fortnite PS4, keep reading. We’ll show you the best Fortnite controls settings for PS4 to beat your opponents and level up in the instant Battle Royale. Having the best controls to play Fortnite Battle Royale is essential, as it gives you a greater […]

Fortnite Season 10

The moment of truth has arrived in Fortnite season 10: the tenth season, which Epic Games refers to as season X, is already underway. And in it, time and space have undergone essential changes, which affect the gameplay of the new update. Locations that had been lost have reappeared, and new cars have been added […]

Epic Games Fortnite

No CoD, no GTA, no Minecraft – the game for instant game consoles is called Epic Games Fortnite. If you have a teenager living under your roof or in your family environment, it’s very possible that I spent several hours a week glued to the console or the computer fighting online for their survival and […]