Fortnite Battle Royale : Everything is trivially simple. The main part of the planet in Fortnite was destroyed by natural disasters, due to this, strange monsters, similar to Zombies, began to form. 

Those who managed to survive were baptized with intelligence. Survivors hit, who, how can take refuge in fun shelters, improvised means. 

In parallel, they are trying to find the cause of the birth of an incredible purple storm, from which everything came out. The past was lost, and the survivors found an occupation in the new reality. 

The authors decided to savor the game with good humor, and the visual component and appearance of the characters justify the frivolity of what happened. 

Features of Fortnite Battle Royale

 Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Basically, Fortnite is created to happen in shooter mode, you can download through the official page of Epic Games to enjoy. The number of players at the same time is 100, including you.
  • Goals may vary depending on the mission. To not be helpless, be careful when you go through chests, you can collect materials and many other things.
  • Extracting resources is simple and clear. A few blows with a hammer and break the object into components: wood, stone, etc. By itself, depending on what you destroy: a car, a cobblestone, a fence or a bush. Do not forget the chests, boxes, barrels that cross the road and give valuable things.

How to play Fortnite Battle Royale

First, examine the map, collect everything that is possible to break. It is necessary to study everything completely. Find objects and break everything that can be useful to collect resources. 

After completing additional tasks, you will have access to more sophisticated chests with rewards.

Do not forget the limits, for example, for construction. Managing this process is easy and simple. Click on the special menu, select the necessary part, change it and place it in the optimal place for construction. 

Think about where the windows and doors will be. The editor is nice and convenient. For a short time, you can move from one place to another, if you do not move the storm will get where you are and it will kill you.

In the new updates, both land and air vehicles are at your disposal, you just have to find them and they will be there.

System requirements

  • Intel HD 4000 video card
  • Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OSX Sierra

If you want to download Fortnite on all platforms, please visit the following link.

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Fortnite Android : Epic Games refused to distribute Battle Royale through Google Play, so the installation is done only from the official site. Also for Android, the beta version is testing the game and not all phone models are available. We recommend familiarizing yourself with the list of models.

Download Fortnite Android from the official site

Fortnite Android

If your model is on the list or if the phone meets the requirements, we follow the instructions below:


We note that the actions on the site, regardless of the chosen phone model, will result in a result: you will receive a link that you must open from your mobile phone. In any case, the installer will select the version for your model. 

Therefore, you can follow the link and go to the sixth paragraph of the instructions or perform all the actions. We are just trying to save your time.

  1. Go to the official Fortnite Android website
  2. If you are not yet registered or have not logged in to your account, do so. Simply click on the button in the center of the screen:
  3. After logging in, we are asked to choose a phone model. Click on the arrow and in the drop-down list select the model of your phone.
  4. On the page that opens, we see a QR code. We take the phone, turn on the camera and take it to the QR code. The phone will offer to see the details and show the link. Open it in the mobile phone browser.
  5. On the page that opens, click on the download button
  6. On the next page we will be warned about the need to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources. To do this, go to “Settings” -> “Security” -> “Unknown sources”. And turn on this element. After that, click on the “Download” button.


If you do not find this item, do not worry, when you click on the download button, the phone will send you a notification and send it to the desired page.

  • If you did everything correctly, then a 2 MB file will be downloaded: this is the game client, it will download the version you need for your phone and it will install Fortnite on Android.

Enjoy your game with all the advantages that an Android device will make you. If what you want to be is an expert, you have to play at least 4 hours a day.

If you want to download Fortnite on all platforms, please visit the following link.

Fortnite Update: If we have our favorite game, which is Fortnite Battle Royale , but there are things you have to know, every so often, and even every week, Epic Games is updating your game, make security changes, add new weapons.

And even for mobile devices, there are subtle changes especially in the controls, they adjust to the touch screen, and some actions are completely automated (collection of elements, open doors, etc.) so that the control process is less difficult. 

So, little by little it is making amazing improvements, for that reason, Fortnite Update, should be done every time it is requested. Do not cancel the update, you will lose many emotions, and apart you can not play if it is not updated.

All about Fortnite Update Battle Royale

 Fornite Update

The user interface differs in a single additional button for construction, otherwise it remains the same Fortnite. 

The principle of the game is the same: players land in a convenient location on the map, search for weapons quickly, cans with protective liquid (similar to body armor), resources for construction and shoot another 99 players. 

The weapon is completely identical, even has a different color as in the PC version, which in different degrees indicates its power and rarity.

Among a small number of really popular games with a similar gender of battles, when 100 people are placed on a large map and mess with it, Fortnite is really the most popular. 

Largely due to the great plans of the developers in the organization of multiplatform games. Therefore, in the near future, Android players will be able to fight on a par with PCs, IOS players and console players on the same battlefield, which was not previously implemented in almost any multiplayer game mode.

This will be little by little, in the next Fortnite Update of the future we will have this opportunity.

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Win 7, 8, 10
  • Processor: 2.5 GHz and more  
  • Video card: 1 GB and more  
  • Memory: 4 GB and more  
  • Hard disk: 20 GB 

Install Fortnite Update Battle Royale

  1. To install the update, just open your Fortnite console
  2. Wait for it to open, and at the top, you will see a warning that there is a download
  3. You should check if it is downloading, it may happen that the Fortnite Update is not running. Which you will have to do manually.

If you want to download Fortnite on all platforms, please visit the following link.

Epic Games Launcher: What happens if you take MinecraftLeft 4 Dead and throw them in a large blender? The end result may seem a bit like the epic game Fortnite for PC

it stands out in three different phases in MMO, RPG in PC: selecting resources, strengthening the fort and the final battle. The first two stages can last as long as players wish, for example, to allow themselves to slowly gather materials from the surrounding area, to create a weapon and reinforce the fortress around a central defense point, known as the Atlas. 

The strongholds can be decorated with all kinds of traps so that the creatures prevent the enemies from entering the Atlas. 

As soon as a storm launches you into battles … this, of course, adds to the game a unique visual aesthetic to the Fortnite game with pieces of wood and metal falling from the sky, it looks simply stunning. 

This is one of the few games that will test your shooting skills in any sense of the word. In general, the game Fortnite for PC: a brilliant story, well-developed locations and character models, explains how to keep your eyes wide open. The fans of the open world of Survival will surely be delighted.

How to install Epic Games Launcher

 Epic Games Launcher

Fortnite  is a dynamic game in the action genre, where elements of survival are also present. Here you have many opportunities, so be prepared, for sure it will not be boring. You will direct all your strength to build strong buildings, create and improve weapons, and also create a team with which you will go to destroy all enemies. 

During the day it needs a lot of work to obtain all the necessary resources. When the night falls, jump on the road, where you will fight with a variety of creatures that will be quite difficult to overcome, if they are not prepared properly. Night is a time of survival, and how you do it will depend only on your actions and decisions, so be careful and pay attention. The game has a very nice design and a pretty great gameplay.

After you have registered and downloaded on the  official Fortnite  game  client website , you can be at Epic Games Launcher . the game Fortnite throws you into a world generated by the process and requires you to defend yourself day and night. Right now, Fortnite is a complete multiplayer game that can be played on PCPlayStation 4 and XboxFortnite download the version in several languages.

If you want to download Fortnite on all platforms, please visit the following link.

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Download Fortnite: Here you will have to be the best in the world, to be able to destroy all the other players, called the real battle, where you have to fight and try to survive playing with other players from all over the world. 

In the area, the player is thrown from a bus at a location on the map, where up to a hundred people can play at the same time, your task is to survive and destroy all your opponents. 

Fortnite download Free

Fortnite download Free: To win you have to think carefully and constantly improve the skills of your character, and for this the game has everything you need.

One of the most important characteristics is the ability to build your base, all buildings are available in advance and you only need to find construction material for them. 

Then, explore the world of games, gather all kinds of resources, find powerful equipment and weapons, fight against the enemy and remain the only survivor. 

By the way, in terms of weapons in the game is a complete jewel, only an incredible amount of all kinds of weapons, pistols, cold weapons, grenades, bombs and things like that are available.

Fornite Android

You can play the mobile version of Fortnite on Android alone and with your friends or other players from around the world. 

The graphics here are just great, it’s console quality, which means it’s exactly the same as on computers or decoders. 

Download Fortnite

However, not everyone can play (at least for now), because the demands of the game are extremely high and you need a very powerful mobile device.

But for PC, there is much better news, as it approaches the average capabilities of each computer in almost any player.

Download Fortnite Pc Battle Royale

For Download Fortnite pc you should only look for the Epic Games website, just log in and it will start with the download.

Then wait for it to download and followed by this open the installer and wait for it to finish installing, this process can take several minutes to hours. With this you will be starting to play with the advantages that Battle Royale will give you.

Users can now enjoy the main advantages of the game:

  • Interesting and fun gameplay
  • The project implemented a view from the third person 
  • Improved graphics in the project achieved through the use of the Unreal engine

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 
  • Processor: Core i5 2.5 GHz 
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 460 or AMD Radeon HD 6870 
  • Memory: 4 GB 
  • Hard Disk: 18 GB

Battle Royale is a real battle game. 100 participants gather in a place on a small island to destroy each other. The main objective is to defend a place under the sun, destroying competitors, and these are the other 99 players. 

To immerse yourself in this fascinating, albeit slightly strange world, you need to download the Fortnite Battle Royale game and install the client on your computer.

The real battle is a PvP complement to Fortnite and is full of bright colors and landscapes. This does not prevent once again submerge in the virtual world with a great drawing, rich colors and details.

The camera is located behind your back, which will allow you to look safely from the corners and decks. 

As for the gameplay, everything is designed in the project to the last detail. If you want to experience the charms of the game on your own, download Fortnite Battle Royale using the link from this official site called Epic Games .

What you need to play Fortnite Battle Royale

Battle Royale

To download Fortnite Battle Royale you will need:

  • Intel HD 4000 video card
  • Core i3 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit or Mac OSX Sierra (10.12.6+)
  • 12 GB of free hard disk space

If the PC meets these requirements, immediately download Fortnite Battle Royale and take the place in the battle against 99 people. You will receive a mountain of positive emotions and a portion of adrenaline.

The new creation of Epic Games is available in several languages, which will please many users. The project is distributed free of charge and you can download the game safely through the PC.

Although the real battle has a simple scenario: kill everyone, but the beautiful graphics and a lot of all kinds of intricate objects that can be the perfect cover, fill the image in the ideal way, providing everything you need for a game online.

Pros Fortnite Battle Royale

The project was created in the Unreal Engine 4 with a series of features that make it stand out from the rest of the existing action games like “Royal Battle”:

  • fast-paced PvP battles;
  • Competent and realistic construction machining;
  • objects around can be destroyed and damaged;
  • The actual battle mode is distributed free of charge from the official Windows website.

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Download Fortnite: The Fortnite Battle Royale game project is a product of 2017, which instantly attracted the attention of critics and game users. The company Epic Games worked on its creation, and the publisher was committed to the same employees of Epic Games.

The product of the game is created in the shooter genre, has a good graphic animation, well detailed. Traditionally, in the projects of this genre, all the surroundings and the characters, included, seem angular.

There is no such feature here. The project was created on the basis of the modern Unreal Engine and the process is carried out in the third person. You can download the game Fortnite now, without losing a minute.

Let’s talk about My download Fortnite Battle Royale

fortnite download freee

Due to the introduction of the game worlds of Battle Royale, users will be able to show the maximum opportunities in the search process, look for everything that is needed for a high-quality game and a fast pass.

The process of the game is difficult to call ordinary. After collecting certain items, you will need to build defensive fortresses, invent traps and tricks for your opponents to hit and die.

All this from the same collected materials. Of course, you can see a similarity of the Minecraft game project.

There is also a wide variety of materials, bricks, cement, tree trunks, stones and objects found on roads and highways, plywood, iron materials and much more. We will have to make every effort to find and collect all of this in one place.

How to download Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. If you want to have on your PC or on a mobile device, one of the best games of the year, which is My download Fortnite Battle Royale , you have to enter Epic Games .
  2. Then it will start to automatically download the installer to the PC.
  3. If you want to download the game for a mobile device, you just have to choose the operating system, either iOS or Android.
  4. A QR code will appear and when you pick up your mobile device, it will start with the download, but to be able to capture the QR code you must use a QR code scanner and for iOS we will press on the corresponding image, it will send you to the iTunes store, With this you can press the download button.
  5. Ready, you are going to have the game installed, you only have to create a user to start playing My download Fortnite.

Fortnite PC: In the game, only some cosmetic items are purchased for the decoration of a character or ammunition. Each participant has a complete set of all kinds of tools and devices without financial investments.

Not long ago, Fortnite PC Battle Royale was released to the public, but developers have already encountered a lot of cheats. The problem was solved effectively and quickly in the games of Epic Games. 

The cheaters are punished and it does not make sense to talk about a new attempt at piracy (it’s still too early). The hacks will be eliminated by the hard measures of the Epic studio; therefore, only honest and honest players can participate in the battle (according to the developer, I know their honesty).

The developers do not stop at this and constantly launch new updates that make the process even more exciting and rich. With the latest update in the project, new modes appear.

How is Fortnite PC Battle Royale different from PUBG?

 Fortnite PC

Fortnight Battle Royal for Windows is an analogue of the battlefields of PlayerUnknown, since it is equipped with a similar mechanics and has the same scenario, but here there are more fun objects and graphics, and the process will be more fun and more intense.

In FBR, as in PUBG, it starts in the lobby, where other participants are already present. In this case, you can preview the map to avoid accidentally tripping an opponent who is immediately around the corner in a couple of meters. 

Next, the player is on board a bus that takes everyone to the island. In the same way, the process of sending is done in PUBG, but there are differences:

  • Studio Epic Games decided to make the map smaller and the buildings are located close to each other.
  • The landing of players made with better quality. To increase the gap between the participants, they have the opportunity to plan.
  • Simplified weapons search: differences are highlighted with the battlefield weapons of the PlayerUnknown playing fields. In addition, each type of weapon has its own color, which belongs to a specific power category.
  • The new online project has the opportunity to build its own shelters of stone, wood and steel. As a result, new characters – builders.
  • As for the shots, it’s easier here, since the weapon has fewer adjustments.

The game is good enough and can replace large cards and long stripes between objects in PUBG. To download Fortnite PC Battle Royale to your computer, follow the Epic Games link .

Fortnite Mobile: It is a mobile version of the project that does not require a detailed analysis due to the exaggeration that has arisen around it. The first thing you should know about Fortnite Mobile is the absolute similarity with the PC and console version. 

The only difference is the individual adaptation to the mobile, that is, the touch screen. Nothing is cut, it is not added. Absolutely similar map, the same variety of weapons. 

He left the same soundtrack as in the computer version of the game. The mechanics did not receive innovations either, but it was not cut.

The graphics configuration is not provided, we get what they give. This is a shooting game, so many have begun to criticize illogically Fortnite Mobile, arguing that there will definitely be problems in the shooting process. 

Even so, for shooters to need a lot of action as quickly as possible. And on small screens, this causes complexity. But the developers are very aware of this problem. Therefore, we find your solution.

fortnite mobile

Fortnite Mobile in action

Automatic aim is provided. Even if the enemy moves after you have scored, the range will be for the opponents. To a certain extent, this gives you an excessive ease of play. But nobody cancels the fact that the scope will not save him in a critical situation. For maximum fire accuracy and response to the enemy that appeared, the player is solely responsible.

With regard to mechanics, there is also a certain amount of lightness. The player does not need to make tapes to open the door or take a weapon on the ground. 

You will see a sound indicator on the screen. Many will say, why is he, if you can, and so listen to the movement of the player? But not all have quality headphones. What do we see in the end? Excellent management, with which the shooter on a mobile smartphone does not seem uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

The user interface differs in a single additional button for construction, otherwise it remains the same Fortnite. The principle of the game is the same: players land in a convenient location on the map, search for weapons quickly, cans with protective liquid (similar to body armor), resources for construction and shoot another 99 players.

The weapon is completely identical, even has a different color as in the PC version, which in different degrees indicates its power and rarity.

Fortnite Game : The Fortnite Battle Royale project was announced by developers in 2017; It is a separate gameplay shooting game with Fortnite survival items. 

The new development has many similar characteristics with previously released PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, but it also has many differences: for example, a duplicate map. 

The project was created in Unreal Engine, the game is characterized by excellent details, soft lines combined with brilliant graphics, which is quite atypical for this genre.

fortnite game

Fortnite Game: Other worlds

The game presents an open world with many opportunities for the extraction of artifacts and resources, the player can choose from dozens of missions of different difficulty. 

A very interesting change of the day and night mode is implemented: the process seems realistic, in addition, it is directly related to the plot. 

Then, if during the day the participant can extract resources, reinforce the walls of the fortress and make new weapons, then at night he has to fight with monsters and demons, using all the arsenal accumulated during the day.

It is worth noting that it is not always possible to shoot from the fortified walls of the fort, and that the player will have to participate in a hand-to-hand combat during the day and at night. 

The game has several plot lines, each requiring a couple of hours to several days to complete. 

The cards change from time to time, so the game does not get more boring. 

Participants can choose a character from four characters presented, each of which has its own characteristics, capabilities and abilities.

Fortnite Game: Battle Royale

Fortnite  is by far the most popular real battle for smartphones and PCs. Players enjoy survival matches, where the main objective is to be the last one on the map, defeat all their opponents. 

To win, you are given all the necessary tools: weapons, construction system and various mechanics that will help you achieve the first place in the game. In total, the party can be up to 100 people, each of which seeks to survive. 

Do not neglect the construction of barricades and fortresses, as they can save your life. 

The main features of Fortnite for Android

  • The engine is a powerful and modern Unreal Engine 4.
  • Build and destroy, or vice versa: make the battlefield at your own discretion, and if the enemy dug well, destroy.
  • Collect resources and weapons: wherever you land, wherever you find weapons and the necessary resources.
  • Play with your friends in squads.
  • Constant updates and events in the game: developers will not let you get bored, as the game is constantly updated with new features.

Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2018 and by 2019 new changes are expected.