Fortnite Season 10

The moment of truth has arrived in Fortnite season 10: the tenth season, which Epic Games refers to as season X, is already underway. And in it, time and space have undergone essential changes, which affect the gameplay of the new update.

Locations that had been lost have reappeared, and new cars have been added that we will also be able to use as a weapon. We talked about B.R.U.T.O., a robot with room for 2 players and that exactly gives better results with a partner.

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As is logical, the premiere of a new season is accompanied by a battle pass (paid, do not forget). Epic Games explains on its official website that exactly the same will unlock 100 exclusive rewards, among those that are the suit of Lord X and Catalyst from the first moment. As you level up there are more unique rewards, such as dual peaks, gestures or loading screens. When we reach level 100, we will achieve the Knight’s Remata suit.

No Time

With the end of season 9 we witnessed the confrontation between the monstrous creature Cattus and the robot that received the name Doggus. After the event we could see the skeleton of the monster on the map, but the Fortnite enthusiasts were waiting for major changes. We had to wait for the conclusion of the Fortnite World Cup to see the real change. In this way, it is our turn to welcome you to Season X: No Time, which takes us to a review of past seasons. Epic Games style.

The explosion of the Point zero, initiated in the orb found in Balsa Botin, has transformed the island into a powder keg. Locations that had been lost have begun to appear, but things seem to have altered too much.

B.R.U.T.E. robots are not insurmountable. An organized set of players can end up with these giants if they ask themselves.

The Fortnite v10 update also adds old areas that resurfaced on the game map. The primary change is the return of the Polvorín Sucio area, which disappeared for over a year, and one of the first points of interest to change abruptly after the meteorite that fell at the end of season 3, and transformed it into a Buried Socavón.

fortnite season 10

Shooting at Nightfall

In the first week of the X season we met with the missions of the BRUTO Squadron, some missions that gave beginning to this new stage of Fortnite but that have not stayed with us forever. In contrast to the weekly challenges, the missions disappear when it comes time to face a new round. Hence, BRIGHT Squadron has given way to the Nightfall Shooting missions.

In what way? You can’t see each and every mission? Of course! They leave unlocking progressively. But don’t worry, fortunately Fortnite has some very talented data miners. And thanks to the more than well-known Forttory, every single mission and reward from Nightfall Shooting has been filtered out.

Day by day one of the free missions will be unlocked. The more goals we achieve, the more rewards we’ll get. The screen of load, that you can see illustrating this article, already filtered beforehand only to leave the X season, with which it is not an enormous surprise, but it is never enough to take it to us like reward.

What are the changes of season 10?

So far, Fortnite has simply changed certain areas of the map. The destruction is evident in the areas where the combat was made. As for new content, an energy ball and a giant skeleton have been added.

As far as the tent is concerned, Epic Games immediately enabled 2 swords to replace the peak. In the next few days more content will be arriving.

Download Fortnite season 10

  • Enter the official fortnite site.
  • You must create an account to play Fortnite. Don’t worry, it’s free.
  • Click on the download button.
  • Choose the platform you use.
  • Download the game. Once downloaded, start enjoying Fortnite!

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