Fortnite season 4

The Fortnite 4 or Fortnite season 4 is remembered by many for the implementation of graffiti. This season is also notable for the jumping rocks, which allow you to move quickly in the sand.

About Fortnite Season 4

Fortnite season 4

The Fortnite 4 season has a spatial theme. Now the map will have a gigantic crater full of shiny rocks. However, this is not all that the comet has brought, we will also find new weapons and objects.

New features

  • Jetpack: Tired of walking? Why do it when you can fly? This is for a limited time.
  • Shopping cart: If you are afraid of heights, you could also use the shopping cart and walk safer on the ground… It’s a shame it was removed in V.8.0.

New weapons

  • Assault rifle: The assault rifle is a powerful weapon with a good shooting cadence.
  • Dual Guns: Do you like guns? Why not use two and improve your shooting cadence and power?
  • Drum Gun: An old-fashioned super powerful weapon with a circular magazine. The incredible power he possessed made him quickly leave the game and take him to Fortnite’s trunk.
  • Thermal Assault Rifle: This powerful weapon works regardless of range, but has a low fire rate. It was eliminated during the V5.10 patch.

Battle Pass 4 What was in it?

The season 4 battle pass was priced at 950 paVos and had a variety of missions offering up to 100 rewards totaling 25,000 paVos. To obtain this reward, it was necessary to spend at least 75-150 hours of play.

Among the rewards of the Fortnite season 4 battle pass are the Carbide, Battlehawk, Teknique, Zoey, Valor, Squad Leader and Omega aspects. In the same way, this pass allowed us to get new sprays, emoticons and charging screens.

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