Fortnite season 5

The 5th season of Fortnite or as many call them the “Fortnite season 5” has the name Worlds Collide and its main feature is the implementation of new temporary cracks.

Another interesting feature of this season is the implementation of 2 new weapons that made many lose their heads, such as the double barrel shotgun and the guided missile.
The Fortnite season 5 has many new features that are very interesting. Read on, because we explain in detail everything new about the Fortnite V.5.0 patch.

New features

fortnite season 5

Within this new patch of season 5 Fortnite we find interesting features. Each one unlocked per week and with achievements. Some of these features are:
Rift-To-Go: This small utility will allow you to get to the sky quickly.
Temporary cracks: One moment you’re here, then you’re there. Temporary cracks are a quick and fun way to get to another place.

New weapons

As expected, weapons have also been added. Keep an eye on them.
Machine gun: A new machine gun was added. It was removed at V.7.30.
SMG Compact: The default weapon for many video games. Due to problems with a bug it had a small patch on V.6.10 and a 5% damage reduction on V.5.20.

Guided missile: Do your enemies have to move too much? No problems… Withdrawn in V.6.21
Double barrel shotgun: If you have it it will be beautiful, but the enemy has it… Well, you’ll probably be lying on the ground. Withdrawal in patch 7.0.

Heavy sniper rifle: This rifle is very powerful compared to many other rifles. It had a slight adjustment on the 6.02 to increase the possibility to get it and correct a slight bug. These are just some of the most important changes in Fortnite season 5. You can see the complete list on the official Fortnite website.

If you want to download Fortnite on all platforms, please visit the following link.

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