Fortnite season 6

On September 27 after a long wait came the season Fortnite 6 (Fortnite season 6) and with it the darkness. The name for this season is Darkness Rises and we find a variety of interesting changes.

The main object for the season are the shadow stones, which were spread all over the map and allowed players to remain invisible for a while, although they could not fire during the duration of the object.
But that’s not all, you keep reading to see what the Fortnite season 6 had to give us.

New features

  • Castle: This update added a rather grim haunted castle to the east of Haunted Hills.
  • Balloons: Balloons are a rare object within the Battle Royale that cancels fall damage by making you fall much slower. Watch out for the shots!
  • Dynamite: A simple explosive with damage of 70 to players (800 to structures) that goes very well for its explosion range of 1600 units in diameter.
  • Quadcrasher: A new vehicle with two seats that can blow up your enemies.
  • Coolant: This common object allows you to reduce the friction of your enemies by making them slide. Very useful for setting traps or ambushes.

New weapons

  • Six Shooter: This powerful 6 bullet weapon has quite high damage. To unload this weapon on an enemy is to make it disappear.
  • Heavy assault rifle or AK-47: This weapon is one of the most classic of the game. Powerful, it uses medium bullets and is quite accurate.
  • Mounted turret: This support object will allow you to build without anyone bothering you, without a doubt, an excellent weapon.
  • Quad Launcher: A weapon that had 80 damage (315 structure damage). It was sent to the trunk for its high power starting in 2019.

This is only part of what Fortnite season 6 had to offer. If you want to see the release notes you can do it from the official website.

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