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Fortnite Game : The Fortnite Battle Royale project was announced by developers in 2017; It is a separate gameplay shooting game with Fortnite survival items. 

The new development has many similar characteristics with previously released PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, but it also has many differences: for example, a duplicate map. 

The project was created in Unreal Engine, the game is characterized by excellent details, soft lines combined with brilliant graphics, which is quite atypical for this genre.

fortnite game

Fortnite Game: Other worlds

The game presents an open world with many opportunities for the extraction of artifacts and resources, the player can choose from dozens of missions of different difficulty. 

A very interesting change of the day and night mode is implemented: the process seems realistic, in addition, it is directly related to the plot. 

Then, if during the day the participant can extract resources, reinforce the walls of the fortress and make new weapons, then at night he has to fight with monsters and demons, using all the arsenal accumulated during the day.

It is worth noting that it is not always possible to shoot from the fortified walls of the fort, and that the player will have to participate in a hand-to-hand combat during the day and at night. 

The game has several plot lines, each requiring a couple of hours to several days to complete. 

The cards change from time to time, so the game does not get more boring. 

Participants can choose a character from four characters presented, each of which has its own characteristics, capabilities and abilities.

Fortnite Game: Battle Royale

Fortnite  is by far the most popular real battle for smartphones and PCs. Players enjoy survival matches, where the main objective is to be the last one on the map, defeat all their opponents. 

To win, you are given all the necessary tools: weapons, construction system and various mechanics that will help you achieve the first place in the game. In total, the party can be up to 100 people, each of which seeks to survive. 

Do not neglect the construction of barricades and fortresses, as they can save your life. 

The main features of Fortnite for Android

  • The engine is a powerful and modern Unreal Engine 4.
  • Build and destroy, or vice versa: make the battlefield at your own discretion, and if the enemy dug well, destroy.
  • Collect resources and weapons: wherever you land, wherever you find weapons and the necessary resources.
  • Play with your friends in squads.
  • Constant updates and events in the game: developers will not let you get bored, as the game is constantly updated with new features.

Fortnite is one of the most popular multiplayer games in 2018 and by 2019 new changes are expected.

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