Fortnite Mobile

Fortnite Mobile: It is a mobile version of the project that does not require a detailed analysis due to the exaggeration that has arisen around it. The first thing you should know about Fortnite Mobile is the absolute similarity with the PC and console version. 

The only difference is the individual adaptation to the mobile, that is, the touch screen. Nothing is cut, it is not added. Absolutely similar map, the same variety of weapons. 

He left the same soundtrack as in the computer version of the game. The mechanics did not receive innovations either, but it was not cut.

The graphics configuration is not provided, we get what they give. This is a shooting game, so many have begun to criticize illogically Fortnite Mobile, arguing that there will definitely be problems in the shooting process. 

Even so, for shooters to need a lot of action as quickly as possible. And on small screens, this causes complexity. But the developers are very aware of this problem. Therefore, we find your solution.

fortnite mobile

Fortnite Mobile in action

Automatic aim is provided. Even if the enemy moves after you have scored, the range will be for the opponents. To a certain extent, this gives you an excessive ease of play. But nobody cancels the fact that the scope will not save him in a critical situation. For maximum fire accuracy and response to the enemy that appeared, the player is solely responsible.

With regard to mechanics, there is also a certain amount of lightness. The player does not need to make tapes to open the door or take a weapon on the ground. 

You will see a sound indicator on the screen. Many will say, why is he, if you can, and so listen to the movement of the player? But not all have quality headphones. What do we see in the end? Excellent management, with which the shooter on a mobile smartphone does not seem uncomfortable or uncomfortable.

The user interface differs in a single additional button for construction, otherwise it remains the same Fortnite. The principle of the game is the same: players land in a convenient location on the map, search for weapons quickly, cans with protective liquid (similar to body armor), resources for construction and shoot another 99 players.

The weapon is completely identical, even has a different color as in the PC version, which in different degrees indicates its power and rarity.

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