New update for Fortnite

Fortnite, who a few days ago recently welcomed Season 9 with new locations, challenges and more novelties, continues to launch new content to keep its large mass of players. This is the content for New update for Fortnite.

Full list of Fortnite 9.0 patch news

When the patch is too long, Fortnite needs a maintenance period for Epic to implement each and every new feature. This time, as Twitter has warned us, we won’t have to wait for maintenance and we won’t have to download anything. Excluding computer users, who will need to download a small client update of the service to solve certain performance/FPS problems.

fortnite season 9

Epic Games will most likely use this new patch to introduce some skins and cosmetic elements that were already implemented in the game code with the previous update.

The New update for Fortnite will incorporate the new object Stormwatch, which was announced in the game news a couple of days ago. It is also expected to return 2 weapons that are currently in the Vault: the Revolver and the Heavy Shotgun, which were recently modified to progress certain of their statistics.


  • We improve performance in the transformation menu, when navigating and manufacturing schematics.
  • Improved movement performance and monster animations.
  • We improve the performance of various attacks and abilities:
  • Fortachones Propane Tank
  • Pitfall of the plunderers
  • Cloud attack of the brainless hive
  • Throwaway attack of the bombers
  • Shield of the brainless riot police
  • Ninjas Roundtrip Benefit
  • Tower of downloads of the outsiders
  • Phase change of outsiders
  • Builder style
  • Left-handed and right-handed
  • Troubleshooting
  • Corrected menu mismatch on low-end computers by moving between the Arsenal and Command tabs for the first time.
  • Corrected a mismatch that occurred when entering the survivors menu and the selection map and also mission.


Neopicados Build your own imaginary version of Neopicados using the gallery options and futuristic prefabricated sets!

Floating platform With floating platforms you can make very high constructions and come really well to move between platforms!

Creature Manager Personalize the health of the creatures, their damage and their score in advanced games!


  • Banner icons: we upgrade the size from 256×256 to 512×512.
  • Standard size: we updated thirty-one types of large graphics.
  • Field Battle: we updated 17 genres of large graphics.
  • Console players can now access language options through the settings menu.
  • Now players can choose a setting in the “Account” tab not to participate in surveys.
  • We updated the main menu room to make it equal to the Battlefield room.
  • We made some initial adjustments to the new room with the plan to repeat them over time and update the interface theme.
  • Bug fixes
  • We fixed videos that didn’t loop on PS4.
  • Now the question mark in the settings menu completely fits in the box.

If you want to download Fortnite on all platforms, please visit the following link.

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