Fortnite PC

Fortnite PC: In the game, only some cosmetic items are purchased for the decoration of a character or ammunition. Each participant has a complete set of all kinds of tools and devices without financial investments.

Not long ago, Fortnite PC Battle Royale was released to the public, but developers have already encountered a lot of cheats. The problem was solved effectively and quickly in the games of Epic Games. 

The cheaters are punished and it does not make sense to talk about a new attempt at piracy (it’s still too early). The hacks will be eliminated by the hard measures of the Epic studio; therefore, only honest and honest players can participate in the battle (according to the developer, I know their honesty).

The developers do not stop at this and constantly launch new updates that make the process even more exciting and rich. With the latest update in the project, new modes appear.

How is Fortnite PC Battle Royale different from PUBG?

 Fortnite PC

Fortnight Battle Royal for Windows is an analogue of the battlefields of PlayerUnknown, since it is equipped with a similar mechanics and has the same scenario, but here there are more fun objects and graphics, and the process will be more fun and more intense.

In FBR, as in PUBG, it starts in the lobby, where other participants are already present. In this case, you can preview the map to avoid accidentally tripping an opponent who is immediately around the corner in a couple of meters. 

Next, the player is on board a bus that takes everyone to the island. In the same way, the process of sending is done in PUBG, but there are differences:

  • Studio Epic Games decided to make the map smaller and the buildings are located close to each other.
  • The landing of players made with better quality. To increase the gap between the participants, they have the opportunity to plan.
  • Simplified weapons search: differences are highlighted with the battlefield weapons of the PlayerUnknown playing fields. In addition, each type of weapon has its own color, which belongs to a specific power category.
  • The new online project has the opportunity to build its own shelters of stone, wood and steel. As a result, new characters – builders.
  • As for the shots, it’s easier here, since the weapon has fewer adjustments.

The game is good enough and can replace large cards and long stripes between objects in PUBG. To download Fortnite PC Battle Royale to your computer, follow the Epic Games link .

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